Change is the one thing we can sure of. Yet we are so often ill-prepared for the suddenness and surprising nature of change whether for good or ill. This session explores your team’s fears, anxieties and excitements about change and provides them with the tools they need to face change with greater preparedness and resolve.


By taking this course your team will:

   •     better able to acknowledge their feelings about change

   •     be more prepared for ups and downs

   •     increased confidence around change

   •     more accepting of the inevitability of change

   •     be more engaged and emotionally intelligent

I came to David’s workshop feeling I’d exhausted any new ways of thinking about and managing change both at work and in my life. I was wrong. It was surprising to feel so safe exploring this difficult subject, one that even in the best sense of the word always involves some loss.
— Sharon, Estee Lauder