David Waters


David has a unique gift - the ability to put a room full of people at ease and make every one of them feel as though he is talking and listening to them intently.
— Sara Price, founder Pagefield, communications agency

I trust in the power of relationships, knowledge and insight to deliver positive change for you and your organisation.

My background is in media, psychology and teaching which I have brought together to form my unique approach in helping others with their personal, work and business development. 

In the 1990s I was in the core team that launched Men’s Health magazine (UK edition). I helped build the title to become part of the world’s most successful men’s lifestyle brand.

At Men’s Health I was fascinated by psychology and group dynamics - the combination of power, communication and relationships that help teams reach their potential.

In the early 00s after a painful relationship end, I re-trained as a psychotherapist and set up my private practice working with couples and individuals. From this work I developed a coaching practice for entrepreneurs, business leaders and their managers helping them develop leadership skills, manage their stress and inspire their teams.

In 2010 I joined The School of Life in London, the unique training and publishing organisation which helps develop emotional intelligence for people, businesses and organisations.

At The School of Life I created and delivered new classes, lead workshops for international audiences and worked with a wide range of businesses and organisations with their learning and development.

My stories on emotional health, men’s lifestyle and personal development have appeared in the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, ST Men Magazine, Telegraph Luxury, Centurion, The Guardian, Departures (American Express), The Financial Times, Saturday Times Magazine and Observer Magazine.

I write a column on emotional health for men in the New York Observer here.

I’m accredited with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). My Masters, awarded with Distinction, is from Queen Mary College, London University. I have post-graduate qualifications in journalism and couples psychotherapy.

I live and work in New York City.