David Waters


Why Coaching?

Today the speed of change is rapid and unpredictable. For businesses the 5 year plan is no longer useful and even a two year plan can only be provisional. Business leaders and managers need the unique support of an executive coach to help them make better decisions, find the right direction for their organizations and lead their teams to greater success in uncertain times.

I will help you do that.

What I do

I offer a unique professional relationship to help you understand your business goals, improve your leadership, motivate your teams and find success. We will explore your fears while strengthening your emotional intelligence (EQ) and the steps you need to take to thrive.

I use CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psychodynamic and relational approaches alongside the latest insights in business psychology and leadership to empower you with the right knowledge and skills.

I am also an experienced media and public speaking trainer for which I run intensive workshops.

How I work

I meet clients for 50 minute weekly sessions. These can be via Facetime/Whatsapp or face-to-face at my space in Chelsea or at your office in New York City.


Coaching sessions 50 mins

One-off, emergency coaching
100 mins

Conflict resolution 100 mins

Media/public speaking training
100 mins


Please contact me directly for fee details

David has an uncanny ability to peel away any layers that obscure a situation and get right to the heart of a problem. He is considered and insightful. David’s wise coaching has been incredibly useful to me.