David has an uncanny ability to peel away any layers that obscure a situation and cut right to the heart of a problem/ challenge/ behavior/ feeling. He is considered and insightful and I really valued his wise coaching.
— Ken, publishing executive

Why Coaching?

The world today is in a state of constant revolution and leaders need to find  a supportive coaching relationship in order to make the best business decisions. I will help you to do that. We need to be prepared for anything as change is today’s only constant.

This is why you will benefit from the support, insight and guidance from the coaching I offer.

What I do

I provide a confidential, safe space for you to be supported in your work. We will explore your fears and improve your emotional intelligence and help you achieve your goals.

I use CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), psychodynamic and relational approaches alongside the latest insights in business psychology and leadership studies.

I also offer one-off 2 hour media training and public speaking training sessions.

I will help you to thrive at work.

How I work

We will meet for 50 minute sessions. These can be held remotely or face to face at your place of work.

Sessions are booked in slots of 8. Per session, $300 

2 hour media/public speaking training, $1400