Teams urgently need tools to foster calm in your fast paced, rapid change business sector. Understanding calmness is a skill that can be learnt is itself calming. Through the insights of mindfulness, self-awareness and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), this session empowers you with the skill to maintain calmness whatever is happening.


By taking this course you team will:

   •     be more aware of their anxiety and how to manage it

   •     be more responsible for their stress levels

   •     have increased confidence

   •     feel more hopeful

   •     have knowledge of key calmness tools

   •     be more self aware and emotionally intelligent

Thank you! for running such an incredible workshop. It was so thought-provoking, and I found it incredibly energizing to sit in a room full of people talking in such an uninhibited way.  I hope we have you back at The Old Vic for another workshop soon!
— Jessica Norman. Creative Coordinator, The Old Vic Theatre, London