Leadership Workshop

Without compassionate, brave, heartfelt leadership your business will struggle. Today’s leadership is not about being authoritarian and unapproachable, it’s a achieved through collaboration, leading by example and good communication. It can sometimes feel lonely. This this workshop will help all those in leadership roles and those who have to take responsibility over their teams.


By taking this course you team will:

   •     be better prepared to take the initiative

   •     be more responsible

   •     have increased confidence

   •     lead by example

   •     strengthen relationships with colleagues

   •     be more self aware and emotionally intelligent

...what a marvellous, fascinating, eye-opening and relevant talk and workshop David gave. It was really thrilling to have him lead this in an open space, with over 400 people listening, taking it in, asking questions. I am so grateful for David for doing it.
— Jude Kelly, Artistic Director, South Bank Centre, London